What Escorts Expect From Their Clients

The escorting world can be an incredibly helpful place where you can get all your fantasies fulfilled. Some things that you can’t exactly do with someone you are romantically involved with. But that is in no way an excuse for you to cheat on someone you are in a relationship with. When and if you decide to hire an escort you need to be sure to follow a couple of rules that would make you seem like a decent client who just wants to have a good time. Believe me; escorts see a lot of clients and some of them are horrible and behave pathetically with the escorts. The escorts have to tolerate this because they are being paid a lot of money. Now, because you’re paying them, money should not give you the authority to be a bad client. You must indeed put in some efforts to be a client that they would love to visit another time. So I have listed out a couple of things that you can follow when with an escort:

  1. The first thing is something that will be beneficial to you as well. Do not ask the escort if you can have sex without a condom; do not even approach the question to her/him. Do not try and take in off in the middle of it all; they will surely get to know. They will be experienced and will catch you; most escorts leave if they get to know you are trying to do something like this, you won’t get a refund either.
  2. Do not treat an escort like a prostitute or a whore, because that is not what they are. They are professionals, and you are just paying for their time. Not for sex, they choose to have sex with you in that time. An unlimited amount of escorts hate it when their clients treat them like they own them, plus it is even a big turn off for them. You should try and make it an enjoyable experience for them as well.
  3. Do not try and initiate a romantic affiliation once the experience is done; please remember that they are not romantically interested in you; they are only there because you are paying them. Please do not try and get them to reveal their social media accounts or even their real names. Do not, at any costs ask how much they make in a week or a month; you can get that information online.
  4. Do not ask them for a refund if you climax way too soon. Depending on how many hours you have paid them for if you do ejaculate quickly ask them if you can go again politely.
  5. Do not negotiate, or try to haggle or try and get the price down; it seems cheap.
  6. Make sure that you are incredibly clean when meeting them.
  7. Respect all sorts of boundaries they place, don’t offer more money for something they aren’t comfortable with.