What Is Gay Escorting Like ?

A gay escort was interviewed about his experiences as a male escort, and he had some interesting stories that he has shared with us. The interview was anonymous of course because people in this industry typically prefer to keep their real names and details about their private life a secret as it is imperative to them. Most of them do not like to mix their professional lives with their private lives.

Here is what the escort had to say about his affairs and adventures.

“I have been in the escorting biz for quite a while, 7 years can be defined as quite a while right? So yes, I have had some amazing experiences indeed, but some have been downright creepy. I once met this guy who wanted me to urinate on him while he pleasured himself. He offered me $500 for the whole thing, and I actually needed the money, so I agreed. He made me drink 2 bottles of water and made me wait until I reached the point where I was about to wet myself.

I told him it was time and then he stripped off his clothes. After it was done he said he wanted me to give him a blowjob and that he would pay an extra $100. I agreed but asked him to get cleaned off first since he had my pee all over him. Let’s just say he ejaculated more than once that night, that was the last time I agreed to see him or any other weird clients like him ever again”.

“I was in Australia a few years ago, and I had told a friend who was in the escorting business to help me get a client one night when I was free. I got called up by a guy in his 30s. He actually seemed like a nice guy on the phone, so we met. Upon meeting, I saw that he was quite handsome indeed. We actually spent an amazing and romantic evening together. He even paid for dinner in a beautiful restaurant. After dinner, we headed back to his house. He lived in a beach house. He insisted that we go skinny dipping. I figured it was a means of getting me naked; I agreed anyway because it sounded fun and there was no one else around. One thing that was running through my head was that he was a handsome, well-endowed and rich man, why is he single and why is he hiring me, an escort.

I actually asked him this when we were drying off in his bedroom. He said his dating record has been horrible and that he wanted to stay single for a while. I did not want to dig into the matter. We actually had an amazing night. He was one of the best lovers I’ve ever seen. He paid me $1000 for the whole night. I had a flight out the next day, so I left first thing in the morning. I guess this is why I love escorting, for me, it has been a rewarding experience, and I enjoy every minute of it.”