What Is Masturbation?

Masturbating is one of the best things that you can do to yourself; it is indeed a very normal sexual activity with little to no side effects at all. When one physically stimulates their penis or vagina for pleasure, it leads to orgasm, which indeed expels semen out of the penis and a form of liquid form vaginas. Masturbation is indeed common among all age groups of men and women and indeed plays a huge role in their sexual development. One does not exactly need a reason to masturbate, now do they? It can be done for fun, because you can’t sleep, pleasure, the release of tension, etc.

There are insane myths and bizarre claims that surround masturbation which state you may go blind, hair growth on your palms, impotence in life, later on, infertility, etc. these are all completely untrue and must be disregarded. Masturbation is indeed harmless. Some people could have some chafing on their skin if they are very rough in doing so, but this heals in a few days time. If men masturbate too many time in a day they may experience some swelling on the penis; too many times can even be 4-5 times. It is healthy if you orgasm at least 22 times a month, says one research study.

When some men have aggressive masturbation methods which usually involve gripping the penis too tight, they can experience a decreased sensation. They can solve this with a change of technique. Some women may insert some objects in their vaginas that may get stuck in there; this has proven to be problematic indeed. Women who use vibrators have also come out and said that they had improved sexual functions and lubrication.

When it comes to diminishing the risk of prostate cancer, a research study has stated that men who ejaculate 4-5 times a week, are less likely to develop prostate cancer than those individuals who ejaculate less often.

As long as masturbation does not disrupt your daily life, it is okay. In rare cases, individuals miss work, school or social events to stay home and masturbate. It should not serve as a form as an escape from a relationship or its issues. It should never be a substitute for real sex either. There are of course many health benefits that come along with masturbation; physical and mental as well. Here are a few:

–    It reduces stress.

–    It releases a whole lot of tension.

–    It elevates your mood and makes it better.

–    It gives you a good night’s sleep.

–    It even improves your sex lives.

The takeaway is that, masturbation is something that you start doing when you’re a horny teenager, as long as you find it amusing, go for it.